EA’s “Fortnite” rival blackjacks 10 million in 3 days, shares up by 16%

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EA’s “Fortnite” rival blackjacks 10 million in 3 days, shares up by 16%

A game developed by the Electronics Arts Inc., “Apex Legends”, as an attempt to backlash a wildly popular online game “Fortnite”, had generated over 10 million gamers within three days of its launch, the game maker said on Friday, the 8th of February, while the shares of EA Inc.

jumped by 16 percent on Friday’s intra-day trading. While “Apex Legends” appears to be taking an upper hand within three days of launch, the Electronics Arts Inc. is expected to mimic the success of “Fortnite” with its “Apex Legends”.

According to the Electronics Arts Inc. officials, on Thursday, February the 7th, there had been 1 million gamers logged on at the same time. As of Friday (February the 8th), the game became the most viewed on live streaming gaming network, Twitch.

The upbeat figures of Friday’s share price overhauled EA Inc.’s recent plunge of 18 percent following a downbeat yearly revenue projection and much softer sales of its “Battlefield V”. At the Friday’s (February 8th) market closure, the shares of Electronic Arts were 16.05 percent up to $97.60, listed in Nasdaq Composite, posting a daily gain of $13.50, while its weekly gain had been over 10.39 percent.

While “Apex Legends” is widely considered as a new cornerstone property of the “FIFA” and “Need for Speed” makers, a Wedbush Securities Analyst, Michael Pachter, said, “Apex Legends” could add $100 million to EA’s revenue in the fiscal year ending March 2020.

That figure is based upon our rule of thumb that free-to-play games typically generate around $10 per monthly active user per year”.