Los Angeles 2028: motor sports and cricket the news

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Los Angeles 2028: motor sports and cricket the news

There is incredible news regarding the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, scheduled for 2028. Among the most important, the introduction of some new disciplines for the Games, such as cricket and motorsport, even if the type of competition is not specified.

Interested Federations must send an official presentation to the IOC by the end of August. The final decision will come in 2023. Cricket, one of the most popular sports, especially in India, Pakistan, United Kingdom and Australia, should be able to be present in Los Angeles 2024.

FIA ​​would therefore have sent its request to the IOC, even if the type of competition is not specified at the moment. It is certainly the four wheels. An absolute novelty for the Olympics.

Los Angeles 2028: motor sports and cricket the news

Squash, a close relative of tennis, is another of the competing disciplines.

He tries again after several attempts, even if in the Olympic program, among other racket sports, there are already tennis and badminton Baseball and softball aim to return to Los Angeles 2028: they were present in Tokyo 2020, there will not be in Paris 2024.

Break dance, after the 2024 Paris Games, which will mark the debut of this new discipline, will be an important test, decisive for eventual confirmation in Los Angeles.
Karate debuted in Tokyo 2020, but will not be present in Paris 2024.

However, it is in the running to return to Olympic sports in Los Angeles 2028. Also for the Lacrosse, present at the World Games but never at an Olympics, it would be the first time at the Games: it is a team sport of North American origin.

There is great anticipation for the next two editions of the Olympic Games, in Paris in 2024 and, precisely in Los Angeles in 2028. Two global and cosmopolitan metropolises, intrinsically connected with the history of sport and the Olympic Games.

The Los Angeles candidacy

The Los Angeles candidacy was conceived with the intent of using mostly existing or temporary facilities and some facilities under construction or planned independently of the Olympic Games, such as Banc of California Stadium and SoFi Stadium.

The massive use of existing or temporary facilities was particularly praised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) when the event was assigned, as it is fully in line with the 2020 Agenda approved by the IOC in 2014 and aimed at making the organization of games more economically sustainable.

Between 2017 and 2019, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which will be the venue for the athletics competitions and the opening and closing ceremonies, underwent a major renovation and restoration, which included the replacement of all seats in seating, the addition of new grandstands and the reduction of the overall capacity from 92 348 to 77 500 spectators.

Future works will instead have to be carried out to re-install the athletics track. The facilities will be concentrated for the most part in four zones or Sports Park, Downtown, Valley, South Bay and Long Beach. Due to the IOC policy of not allowing sponsorships in Olympic venue names, several venues will have an alternate name during the event.

The Olympic Village will be located on the campus of the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), which is located in the Westwood neighborhood.