Dhanashree Verma on speculation of separation with Yuzvendra Chahal

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Dhanashree Verma on speculation of separation with Yuzvendra Chahal

Yuzvendra Chahal, the famous cricketer and his wife Dhanashree Verma have become a part of speculation. It was said in the media that they were separated. Verma sent a message via Instagram; "Good morning guys,
Here are some REAL life updates.
It’s a late morning coz’ I actually overslept; thanks to you guys
Needed all that sleep to recover.

It’s funny though, I opened my eyes feeling so confident & strong today. Something I was seeking since the past 14 days. I had completely lost confidence due to my knee injury that happened while dancing (my last reel) & I landed up tearing my ACL ligament.

I have been resting at home & the only movement I have had is from my bed to my couch (along with physiotherapy & rehab everyday)." She is grateful for her husband's support and is ready to undergo surgery that will help her.

"But what has also got me through this is the support of my near & dear ones including My husband, my family and my closest friends. As recommeneded by the doctors, I will be undergoing my surgery if I wish to dance again in life.

I was trying really hard to wrap my head around this shocking news of not being able to do the basic things in life adequately."

Verma on rumours

Verma is furious about the rumors and news that have appeared about her and her husband.

"This is when I needed the most support, and this is exactly the time when people picked up some random news about us! It was pretty hateful, hence hurtful, for me to hear all of that. It was draining to say the least.

All I want to say is that I had so much fear of how I would carry my life on from this injury forward. It was a question of several months of rest, recovery and physiotherapy even post surgery. After living in fear for so many days, today I woke up with ZERO FEAR.

I felt invincible as with the knowing that I can turn any adversity into my power. I can re-claim my power back from any situation. I have worked hard & have I gradually & gracefully earned my respect. I am not going to let this injury or any baseless rumours take that away from me."

She is aware that such situations are an integral part of life. "Infact, this has lifted my confidence more and made me feel even more fearless. I am now certain I have the capacity to bear the consequences that come along with having a public life.

I now feel wiser after this experience. I now know that people will talk and that’s okay, as long as you are a living, breathing emobodiment of your truth. Thanks for turning my weakness into my strength and helping me strengthen my integrity further. Let’s spread joy and happiness and ignore everything else. "