Devon Conway on Finn Allen: I've seen him perform like that a number of times

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Devon Conway on Finn Allen: I've seen him perform like that a number of times

Devon Conway has praised his former teammate Finn Allen and the impact he had in New Zealand's win against Australia. "It's a serious effort from him today the way he was out in the middle, nice and calm and relaxed and focused at the same time," Conway said, as quoted by cricbuzz.

"I've seen him perform like that a number of times, playing with him, alongside him in Wellington." There is great chemistry between them and they make a really great tandem. What is most important for them is to continue with the same games.

They showed how much they can do and what they are capable of. "I think it was certainly a coincidence that we both played our first international game in Australia tonight, but yeah, like I say, I sort of played a lot of cricket alongside Finn playing at Wellington Firebirds and opening the batting with him.

We certainly try and keep the columns the exact same throughout. We try to keep it nice and simple. I know what ticks for him, and he certainly knows what ticks for me. We sort of try and reiterate those messages to each other out in the middle."

Devon Conway and wickets

Many praised how they ran between the wickets. Conway talked about such a way of playing. Each player has his own task and knows very well what to do. "It's very important for us. It's one of the things we talk about as a batting unit.

We know that the grounds in Australia are certainly quite big, so there are a lot of pockets in the field to try and maximise those twos. Especially after the powerplay, it's about trying to be smart as a partnership , trying to grab those twos while you can whilst still trying to score a boundary every now and then."

New Zealand will have more motivation in the next matches, and they hope for equally good performances.