Pat Cummins: There is no cowards in Australian team


Pat Cummins: There is no cowards in Australian team

Justin Langer is not satisfied with the Australians and decided to criticize the team. Test captain Pat Cummins is disappointed with such an approach by Langer and believes that such things spoil the atmosphere. "There's no cowards in Australian cricket, not ever," Cummins said, as quoted by

"I'd probably never disclose private conversations. I think it's disappointing sometimes the focus gets drawn to off-field issues but it hasn't really affected our team." However, Cummins believes that Langer has made up for everything he said.

"I think there's no ill will to what he was trying to do and he clarified afterwards," Cummins said. "I think he had a think about it and clarified it, so thank him for that. But we're really proud of the last 12 months, how we've fronted up, the way we've played, the way we've conducted ourselves.

Players can certainly hold their heads high." There will be no tension between them. "He'll be in and around here commentating so it'll be good," Cummins said. "We love playing here at the stadium. My idol mentor, DK Lillee as well, it's his home state.

Pat Cummins: This is the most stable team

Cummins also responded to the question "Was the Australian team out of favor in Western Australia?" "We haven't felt that at all. I know there's been some conjecture but I think it camouflages over a lot of the good stuff that's been going on and support we've been receiving." Cummins is optimistic about the new team.

There are many quality players in the roster and it seems that they could make a good result. "To be honest it is the most stable team I have played in ever," Cummins said. "You could probably have picked the side 12 months ago, I feel like we are in a good spot."