Sunil Gavaskar on the reasons behind India's defeat to Bangladesh


Sunil Gavaskar on the reasons behind India's defeat to Bangladesh

It wasn't a very good day for India in the first ODI, as they were beaten by Bangladesh (by one wicket). There was a lack of quality in the batting of India, which disappointed the fans of this team. Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar has come to the defense of the controversial KL Rahul, who has been criticized by many people in the media.

"You can't really say that was it. Because yes, I think that was the last wicket. That should have made the match over. But the fact that India scored 186, I think you are going to look at that as well," Gavaskar said for the Sony Sports Network.

Hasan Miraj was particularly good and he received praise from all sides. "The bowlers did wonderfully well, to get themselves in a position where they were 136-9. And then Hasan Miraj came, they had a bit of luck with that drop catch, but he played really well.

He played sensibly. They took the attack to the opposition and played some bold shots.

Gavaskar on the game

During the interview, Gavaskar discussed Bangladesh's game and the tactics they used in order to win the match. It was clear from Bangladesh's performance that they are a serious team, and with a bit of luck, they looked very impressive in the match.

Nevertheless, India should take a critical look at where they made the most mistakes during this match. They should fix those mistakes in the upcoming matches to avoid repeating them. The fact that there seem to be certain problems is obvious.

"When you are asked to chase less than four runs an over. Like Bangladesh were asked to chase, automatically, the pressure comes down. Bangladesh made it difficult for themselves by playing ultra-cautiously. That's what got them into trouble. I think India didn't score 70-80 more runs is the reason why they lost," added Gavaskar.