KL Rahul: "For me as a leader, it will just be about supporting the guys"

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KL Rahul: "For me as a leader, it will just be about supporting the guys"

India's ODI captain, KL Rahul will succeed Virat Kohli. He is aware that he has a difficult task ahead of him and a serious role that he will have to justify. Apparently, KL Rahul took the new role seriously and will do his best to improve the team "This year we will be playing a few one-day series, which will give us a chance to try out new things," Rahul said as quoted by cricbuzz "We've all sat down as a team and had an honest talk about the things we need to improve and the things that we need to get better at.

Everyone is committed to it." "We have some ideas, some plans. We want to try out those things in the coming series. That will give us an indication if we're doing it right, whether our strategies and tactics are right."

"We aren't a team that's scared to try. Our focus will be on the World Cup and getting the best XI on the park." He is ready for any role in the team he gets, and it seems that his main focus is the progress of the team, not personal statistics and personal successes.

KL Rahul about the unity of the team

The most important thing is for the team to be in the first focus, and that will be achieved through unity "We have to be flexible. One of the talks that we've had is that we don't want to be a team that is very predictable.

There might be games where I'll need to bat in the middle order if that's what the team needs." "I might have to open the batting, which I'm okay with. There are team plans and strategies. According to that, everyone will have their roles clear but everyone also understands that they will have to be ready for certain things that team wants them to do."

What he will try as a captain is that he will try to motivate the players to play for their country as highly motivated as possible and that he will do his best to help the team. "For me as a leader, it will just be about supporting the guys and keeping the guys in a mindset where they are excited and want to go out there and do special things for the team, for the country," he said of his captaincy philosophy. By all accounts, KL Rahul could be the right person for captain