Celebrities who committed suicide: Depression was the worst enemy

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Celebrities who committed suicide: Depression was the worst enemy

Before five years, in a very short period of time, musicians Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington committed suicide. However, they are not the only ones who ended their lives in this way. A big number of them are from different spheres of public life, and also a big number of people who committed suicide were very successful in what they did.

Ernest Hemingway For months, his wife Mary hid the real truth about the death of the famous writer. She claimed that he accidentally shot himself while cleaning the gun, but after a while, she admitted that Hemingway committed suicide after a long battle with severe depression.

Avicii At just 28 years old, DJ Avicii took his own life by swallowing glass because he knew it would lead to deadly internal bleeding. His family immediately knew what it was about because he had been saying for a long time that he could not stand it anymore and that he needed peace.


Mark Saling The American actor has faced a trial and possible imprisonment for possessing video material with child pornography. He admitted guilt, but could not bear the consequences, and hung himself on a tree near the house where he lived.

Alexander McQueen The popular designer committed suicide just four days after the death of his mother and three years after the death of his best friend. Because of these two deaths, he fell into severe depression. At the age of 40, he hanged himself in his luxury villa in London.

Chester Bennington Shocked and upset by the death of his friend Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington took his own life in the same way. He committed suicide by hanging. Both Cornell and Bennington had a long history of drug and alcohol problems, but their musical talent did not help them turn their feelings into songs and save themselves from depression through their work. Unfortunately, more and more people are opting for this act. We hope that there will be fewer and fewer such cases.