Hollywood stars most mysterious dead

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Hollywood stars most mysterious dead

Alec Baldwin starred in the fall sip on the set of the Rust movie in which director of photography Halyna Hutchins was killed. The actor, during the shooting of the film, pulled the trigger of a prop pistol that had to be loaded with blanks.

He accidentally shot, killing the woman and injuring director Joel Souza while filming at Bonanza Creek Ranch, New Mexico. But this is just one of the many mysterious deaths involving the Hollywood star system. While filming the thriller The Crow, Brandon Lee had to shoot a scene where he was shot with a toy weapon.

This, however, was poorly prepared and one of the shots that fired instead of blanks was loaded with a real bullet. Following his fatal injury, he died shortly after in hospital. In Bruce Lee's latest film, Chen's Last Fight, his character is killed by a toy gun just like Brandon later did.

Elvis died in his bathroom in 1977 and the cause of his death was probably medical malpractice. During the autopsy, Dr. Jerry Francisco determined a cardiac arrhythmia as the cause of death. Francisco stated that drugs had nothing to do with the cause of death, despite not the Elvis'Dotts.

George Nichopoulos was accused of prescribing too high doses of painkillers but the mystery remains.

Hollywood stars most mysterious dead

Natalie Wood was found drowned in 1981 off the coast of Catalina Island, California, after spending a weekend on the yacht with her husband Robert Wagner, actor Christopher Walken and the captain of the boat.

Her death was classified as an accidental drowning, but many doubts remain about Wagner's involvement.
Marilyn Monroe's official cause of her death was suicide induced by administering barbiturates. Many theories suggest that she may have been killed because she intended to publicly declare that she was having an affair with President Kennedy.

Brittany Murphy died at her home on December 20, 2009. Her local county doctor said her death was caused by pneumonia, iron deficiency, and drug poisoning. Six months later, her husband Simon Monjack died in that same house under similar circumstances.

Officially, the alleged causes were the same as for the wife, anemia and pneumonia. Coincidence? George Reevs died with a bullet in the head. Investigations suggested a murder, but some of Reeves' friends continued to disbelieve the hypothesis, and were certain that it was his ex-lover Toni Mannix who killed him.

Bob Crane was beaten to death and found with an electrical cable around his neck: John Carpenter, who was in town to visit him, was the prime suspect. Carpenter's car was hijacked and searched by the police, who noticed some patches of blood that matched Crane's blood type. Carpenter was however released and continued to plead innocent until his death.