Sergiy Stakhovsky: "Russians kill civilians with assault rifles"

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Sergiy Stakhovsky: "Russians kill civilians with assault rifles"

Sergiy Stakhovsky decided to leave Hungary, where he lived with his family, and go to his Ukraine to defend the land where he was born, with great determination and courage. Regarding tennis he said: "Maybe it is unfair to stop Russian players from touring, but there is no other way to stop Russia.

They have to be held accountable, the only way to to make it happen is to make the Russians feel guilty and to reconsider who governs them. Maybe they should vote better if they want the benefits of a normal life, studying and traveling abroad."

The moment of departure: "My children were watching cartoons when I left Hungary, I didn't want to distract them. The three-year-old saw me take my backpack, but I told him I'd be back right away or he'd have started crying.

My wife was very angry, she felt it was a betrayal, little by little we talked and got better, I hope you forgive me. For me it was a scenario with no way out, I couldn't forgive myself for not doing anything, I had to make a difficult decision between my family and my country."

Sergiy Stakhovsky: "Russians kill civilians with assault rifles"

The former tennis player gave an interview to Inside Tennis, talking about the current war situation: "I would like to tell this story to my children.

If we all stayed at home, Ukraine would fail, it wouldn't even exist in the history books. According to Putin it was created by Lenin as part of the USSR, these lies would end up in the books. The whole history of Ukraine would therefore be non-existent, this is a war in which we decide whether our land exists or not, so I want to do everything possible."

Then he continued: "Never in my life would I have imagined that it would come to this. Being here in Kiev, wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying an assault rifle is amazing. We manage checkpoints, we manage deliveries, we are the last line of defense.

As for the use of weapons, we had a short lesson on how to use a rocket launcher, the key was not to shoot one of your own. It is crazy that in today's world we have an open war in Europe, it is a human catastrophe that the Russians block the food trade, that they kill civilians with assault rifles.

It is barbaric, there is cold blood in the streets because they want to impose terror and make people run. Too bad, no one expected it, laying down your arms is not an option at the moment. We all understand that once nuclear weapons start flying it will be the end of the world, but the world should do something first."