Russia is threatening with WW3

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Russia is threatening with WW3
Russia is threatening with WW3 (Provided by Financial World)

Russia is threatening Europe with World War III and is slowly turning off the gas. Political scientist Doris Wydra explained what the EU must do now. Lavrov warned that the danger of World War III is as real as it sounds. "The danger is serious, it is real, you can't underestimate it," the Russian Foreign Minister quoted by The Moscow Times.

On Tuesday evening things happened in rapid succession: Poland first announced that Russia would stop supplying gas to the country on Wednesday, and shortly thereafter the same message came from Bulgaria. Gas delivery threats are also a Russian means of pressure, confirmed the political scientist Doris Wydra from the University of Salzburg, Austria.

However, this does not mean that Russian President Vladimir Putin has the EU in his hands. "Send a deterrent signal to Moscow" According to the expert, Europe can now show that we stand together and help each other to intercept the restrictions on gas supplies in the energy market and that we can deal with the situation.

You have to show Moscow that you still have the situation under control and can thus "send a deterrent signal to Moscow" to take further steps to stop gas deliveries to EU countries. Regarding Kremlin threats – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov gave an interview on Russian state TV and spoke of the Third World War and an imminent nuclear war – Wydra attested that hardly anyone is currently being threatened.

In Ramstein - where the USA had called international supporters of Ukraine to a crisis conference for aid deliveries - a clear signal had been sent not to be intimidated by threats, according to the political scientist.

"Great uncertainty" because of threats

It is now also a matter of the United Nations being able to show success in resolving the war in Ukraine, after all, they were created to be able to resolve conflicts, according to Wydra.

Nevertheless, the Russian threats would try to intimidate the EU, saying they wanted to show "the risk they are taking" if they didn't give in. However, there is now "great uncertainty" because Russia is indirectly threatening to invade other areas, such as the split-off Moldovan region of Transnistria.

According to Wydra, the Russian side is trying to "provoke there" in order to trigger attacks and interventions in Ukraine. Wydra, on the other hand, does not currently see a quick chance for peace in Ukraine - perhaps for a ceasefire, but not for a stable peace "that would not be jeopardized by the slightest provocation".