Jimmy Uso and the video about his latest arrest


Jimmy Uso and the video about his latest arrest

In July 2021 TMZ gave us the news that Jimmy Uso got into trouble with the law again, making the same mistake he made in 2019, namely he drove drunk. According to the site, the SmackDown wrestler was driving with a very high blood alcohol content, called BAC (Blood Alcool Concentration), .205.

From the story on the police documents, the man was pulled over at around 10:35 pm Monday in Pensacola, after he passed a red light at a speed higher than the road limit. The documents also report that Jimmy was questioned on the spot and they smelled alcohol on him, so they ordered him to get out of the vehicle for further investigation.

He staggered out, admitting that he drank several beers before driving. A video of the arrest of one of the current SmackDown couple champions emerged, again thanks to TMZ, where he has a verbal exchange with the agents who stopped him, after exiting the vehicle to take the case test.

This is the conversation:

Policeman: "I hope that this time too he will make it" Uso: “Are you serious ?! Are you serious ?! Why do you say that? I - everything is fine." Uso: "He's crazy, right? He didn't have to say this bullshit." Policeman: "The cutest thing?" Uso: "The cute thing ?!

Brother, you don't have to say the bullshit you're talking about. I understand. I have been here. Let's do it." Uso: "You're a bitch. You are the one who is worse off. You made an observation, you made an observation that you shouldn't have made." Policeman: "I think you misunderstood.

So, I'm sorry. I was actually nice. But, I'm sorry." According to court documents, Uso agreed not to challenge the accusation. As part of the deal, TMZ was told that Jimmy was asked to complete several courses related to the incident.

A source close to the wrestler told TMZ that those courses were completed earlier this month, which was also confirmed to Fightful by WWE.