Most expensive war ever: How much the Ukraine war is costing Putin

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Most expensive war ever: How much the Ukraine war is costing Putin

Various estimates are circulating about the cost of the Ukraine war. Now an expert calculates how much the invasion really cost Putin - and that's a lot more than originally thought. The Ukraine invasion has now lasted more than two months - and for Russia, it could be the costliest war ever.

Although the figures given in connection with the war vary, it is undisputed that the amount burned every day is absurdly high. Advisor and author Tomi Ahonen is now calculating on Twitter how much the war has cost Putin so far - and will probably cost him in the future.

The expert includes 190,000 war vehicles in his cost calculation. According to Ahonen's calculations, if everyone fires through, Russia will pay more than $700 million a day for ammunition. Artillery is even more expensive (3,800 units) with a daily maximum cost of $475 million and 1,900 grenade launcher units with a daily maximum cost of $95 million.

Add to that the cost of rockets: On April 28, Forbes Magazine published a calculation that by April 28 assumes a minimum of $7.5 billion in rocket spending. Adding 62 days of the war to that date, that works out to be a $120 million daily cost of missiles.

Lost or destroyed war material The Moskva alone, which sank Ukraine, cost $750 million. If Russia were to replace all the destroyed and lost ships, vehicles, and weapons, it would cost 230 million a day.

War costs Russia half a billion a day

The total daily maximum costs are therefore 993.7 million dollars – but if you calculate realistically since the maximum costs are not reached every day, according to Ahonen the daily costs are 543.5 million dollars.

So the war is costing Russia an estimated half a billion a day. If you then factor in the fact that Putin originally wanted to conquer Ukraine within three days, but that turned out to be six months and the costs vary, since no mercenaries fought at the beginning, no compensation had to be paid and no parts had to be replaced yet, the result so far is Total cost of $34 billion - and adding another billion every two days.