Finland Premier: "Nuclear threat is very serious"

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Finland Premier: "Nuclear threat is very serious"

Finland will ask for NATO membership. President Sauli Niinisto and Premier Sanna Marin explained: "It is a historic day, a new era is opening. It is in our interest that the process of joining NATO is as short and smooth as possible.

There has been no indication that there will be problems We would not have made this choice if we had not thought it would strengthen our national security: the nuclear threat is very serious but it cannot be isolated to a single region.

I think being inside NATO will give us security because NATO has weapons too. nuclear weapons and there would be an answer if Russia used them, so this decision strengthens us, it does not weaken us. We hope that Parliament confirms the decision to apply for NATO membership in the coming days."

Finland: "Nuclear threat is very serious"

Finnish Premier also said that the decision to join NATO was made necessary following the Russian invasion of Ukraine: "We are prepared for different kinds of Russian reactions.

We are ready and we are preparing. When we look at Russia, we see today a very different country from what we saw just a few months ago. Everything has changed since Russia he attacked Ukraine and I personally think that we can no longer believe that there will be a future of peace alongside Russia by being alone.

It is an act of peace, there will be no more war in Finland " NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, in the press conference at the end of the meeting of the Alliance's foreign ministers in Berlin, analyzed: "The choice to join NATO is up to Finland and Sweden, each country must be free to decide its own path .

Their membership would be a historic step for the Alliance and show that aggression doesn't pay." We recall Finland shares 1,348 kilometers of border with Russia.