"I attempted suicide," confesses a former tennis player

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"I attempted suicide," confesses a former tennis player

Destanee Aiava, a former tennis player, used social media to tell her dramatic personal story. TShe wrote in an Instagram post, on her birthday, that on Easter Sunday, April 17th, she attempted suicide. "On the night of Easter Sunday, April 17, I was about to throw myself off a bridge.

But three people passed, dragged me off the rails and brought me home," these are the words used by the rising tennis star. Aiava is a player born in 2000, who has achieved the big stages by establishing a small and personal goal: she was the first tennis player born in the new millennium to win a WTA match.

A former promise was also defined for her resemblance to Naomi Osaka. "I felt that she was able to equalize my power, which is surprising: there are not many people who can do that," said the Japanese Grand Slam titles winner after a match against the Australian.

The confession on Instagram

An unexpected confession was that of Destanee Aiava, who had shown her first weaknesses in terms of tennis. "This whole tennis thing is getting tired of me. After the Australian Open I'll take a break, that's what I want and need," said the Australian after the home tournament.

One weakness in sport turned out to be something else. Always using the Instagram profile, the 22-year-old explained how the closeness of the people who loved her helped her to get out of this difficult moment. "I know my family and friends are happy to know that I am alive on this day that should be special.

Sometimes the people we meet in life can make us feel unworthy of being loved, but at the end of the day I have learned that. God is faithful and he will not let you be tested beyond your strength, but with your test he will also provide you with the way out so that you can endure it'"