Madonna after Texas school shooting: No one noticed !! No one stopped him

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Madonna after Texas school shooting: No one noticed !! No one stopped him

Texas school shooting is still a major topic, and many are still shocked by what happened. Many celebrities had something to say after all, and one of them is Madonna who posted an emotional video on Instagram regarding this incident.

"I cannot imagine the heartache and heartbreak the parents of these 19 Children must feel. I have children in elementary school and if they did not come home from school one day I don't think I could survive," she said, as quoted by hallo.

"How is this possible that an 18 year old boy, who is a child himself, can purchase 2 automatic Rifles on his birthday with no background check, no safety training, no questions asked?????"

Madonna on crime

The young man who committed the crime had previously signaled on social media that he could do what he did.

He also often published pictures of weapons.
"The shooter posted countless warnings on IG and facebook announcing his plans to shoot. His grandmother and students in a school. No one noticed!! No one stopped him. How is this possible?" she said again.

"The NRA refuses to change its position and legislation cannot get one bill passed that requires tougher firearm safety laws. In spite of the fact that there have been more gun deaths in America than there are days in this year.

How is this possible??? U.S. President Joe Biden is one of those who are shocked, and it is obvious that the state and the authorities will have to do something about the law if they do not want the same scenario to happen again.

"We need to Protect Our Children!!" -Madonna said. "If we can't change the constitution we must beg lawmakers to pass gun reform NOW!!" "How tragic is it that we have to beg to keep all children — all humans safe from gun violence?? How is this possible? No more words, action only. #guncontrolnow"- she condluded.