Gunman rampaged through school for over an hour

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Gunman rampaged through school for over an hour

The Texas gunman stayed at the school for more than an hour before Border Patrol officers stormed a classroom and killed him. A spokesman for the Texas Public Safety Agency said on Thursday. The 18-year-old gunman shot dead 19 children and two teachers at a primary school in the small town of Uvalde on Tuesday.

Salvador Ramos entered the school at 11:40 a.m. and started the killing spree, official spokesman Travis Considine said about the passage of time. An hour later, a border police tactical unit began to enter the building. At 12:58 p.m., radio traffic revealed that Ramos was dead.

Police under pressure

Because of this length of time, the police came under increasing criticism on Thursday. Shortly after the attack began, eyewitnesses asked the security forces to enter the school, said Juan Carranza, who observed what was happening from across the street.

"Go in! Go in!" women would have shouted to the officials. Carranza said security forces should have entered the building earlier. "They were several. He was only one." The gunman entered the building unhindered, according to a regional director of the Public Safety Agency.

The 18-year-old used a door that was apparently unlocked, Victor Escalon said on Thursday.

No security officer in school

Salvador Ramos was not initially encountered by security forces when he entered Robb Elementary School on Tuesday.

There is usually an armed security officer in the school. But no one was present on Tuesday, Escalon said. At first, it was said that an officer had placed Ramos in front of the building. Many other details of the attack on the school remained unclear.

The authorities said the perpetrator had no prior convictions or mental illness.

Killed teacher's husband suffers heart attack

Joe Garcia, der Ehemann der heldenhaften Lehrerin Irma Garcia, die ihre Schülerinnen und Schüler während des Massakers an der Robb-Grundschule beschützte, ist am Donnerstag an einem Herzinfarkt gestorben.

“I truly believe Joe died of a broken heart and losing the love of his life of more than 30 years was too much to bear”. said family member Debra Garcia.