Naomi Osaka, how scary! "There was a risk of a shooting, we had to escape"

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Naomi Osaka, how scary! "There was a risk of a shooting, we had to escape"

How scary for Naomi Osaka in New York! "I really hope that everyone has come out safe and sound, since I'm tweeting this we made it and we're fine." With this phrase that appeared on one of the main social channels the Japanese player spread curiosity around herself in the world for what it was success to create and cause so much concern.

However, the episode, which happened in the United States of America and which involved the Japanese, is quite serious and fortunately did not have major consequences. It all happened on the occasion of a main boxing event, Premier Boxing Champions, in which athletes Gervonta Davis and Rolando Romero faced each other in the ring at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn in New York.

During the evening the spectators present, suddenly warned of the presence of an active shooter and hearing more and more people screaming madly, had to leave their seats and quickly run towards the exit and take shelter from the danger that had been launched.

The alarm created panic and the first videos circulating on the net practically describe themselves.

The reconstruction

Journalist Ryan Songalia, filming a short video about the incident, said on social media: "Scary moment when the crowd pours into the Barclays Center, my fear was a shooting but those fears turned out to be unfounded."

In fact, as confirmed by several sources about half an hour later, it would have been just a false alarm. "No shots were fired inside Barclays," Chris Mannix confirmed for Sports Illustrated. The story of Naomi Osaka, who was a simple spectator for the occasion, however, makes one shudder and makes one understand what went through the minds of many present in the Arena: "I was alone in the Barclays center and suddenly I heard screams and I saw people running.

Then they yelled at us that there was an active shooter and we had to curl up in a room and close the doors. I was so fucking petrified," she communicated to fans and the whole world on social media, reassuring everyone again to be safe and well now, even if the scare was important.