Jake Atlas arrested for domestic violence on his partner

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Jake Atlas arrested for domestic violence on his partner

In recent days, however, Jake Atlas has spent some rough quarters of an hour, along with his life partner, when the American police arrested him for domestic violence, with the athlete who perhaps drank a little too much, becoming violent with the companion and requesting the intervention of police officers.

The former WWE was having drinks at Big Daddy's Roadhouse, as reported by the PW Insider website, when his partner joined him at the club. Apparently at that moment Atlas would have liked to continue drinking, only to go out with a third person, with whom Atlas would have liked to have some relationships.

When his partner refused, Atlas would have become increasingly violent, first only in words and then also with his hands, with the witnesses of the evening confirming that there was a real physical aggression by the wrestler against his partner.

After returning to their apartment, the attack would continue, with Atlas even leaving a long wound on his partner's arm.On the arrival of the police, Atlas would be asked to give his side of the story, with the wrestler who instead of explaining what had happened, he preferred to insult his companion again heavily, in no uncertain terms, being arrested and then released on May 23rd.

Over the past two years, WWE has tried to extensively modify all of its rosters, also shaping the new generation of Superstars as much as possible, with NXT that from this point of view has had a real revolution, among those has arrived, who has returned and who has gone away.

Since shortly before NXT became NXT 2.0, WWE has in fact started firing numerous athletes who were no longer right for it, with several quite important names that have in fact left the third WWE brand, such as Bronson Reed, Bobby Fish, Mercedes Martinez and numerous other athletes, who had now passed according to the Stamford federation, with the WWE leaving room for new recruits who are currently trying to grow in the rings of the federation's third brand.

Among the many defections arrived in the last period, there was also the release of Jake Atlas, an athlete who also became famous for his orientation, being part of the LGBTQ + community.

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