China says it will not hesitate to start a war if Taiwan declares independence

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China says it will not hesitate to start a war if Taiwan declares independence

China will not hesitate to start a war if Taiwan declares independence, a Defense Ministry spokesman said in Beijing after a meeting between the defense minister and his American counterpart in Singapore. “If anyone dares to split Taiwan from China, the Chinese army will not hesitate to fight at any cost to crush any attempt of Taiwan independence,” said Wu Jian, quoting Defense Minister Wei Fenghe as saying during a meeting with US counterpart Lloyd Austin.

The two ministers clashed in Singapore today: Beijing has vowed to "break" Taiwan's attempt at independence, and Washington has called on China to stop destabilizing the island with self-government. At a meeting in Singapore during the Shangri-Dialogue security forum, US Secretary of Defense Austin told his Chinese counterpart Wei Fenghe that Beijing should "refrain" from any new destabilizing action against Taiwan, the Pentagon said.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Defense, Beijing would "break into a thousand pieces" any plan to declare Taiwan's independence. The Chinese minister complained to his American counterpart in Singapore about the American sale of the latest weapons package to Taiwan and warned of a possible conflict around that island with its own self-government, which China considers its territory.

Wei Fenghe said that the American sale of weapons to Taiwan "seriously undermines Chinese sovereignty and its security interests", Chinese television CCTV reported.

Taiwan seceded from China during the 1949 civil war

China is threatening to use force to annex the island.

In the latest package of weapons, estimated at 120 million dollars, the United States announced on Wednesday that it is selling parts for ships for the Taiwanese Navy. Austin stressed the need to manage competition reasonably and maintain open lines of communication, according to a statement from the US Department of Defense.

He said that the United States is committed to its long-term policy toward Taiwan, reaffirmed the importance of peace and stability in the area and opposed unilateral changes in the status quo, and called on China to refrain from further destabilizing actions against Taiwan.