Jeff Hardy: here's the clip of the arrest!

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Jeff Hardy: here's the clip of the arrest!
Jeff Hardy: here's the clip of the arrest!

Wrestler Jeff Hardy was arrested shortly after midnight last night in Volusia County, Florida. Volusia County Jail records show Hardy was taken to jail at 12:45 pm, on charges of driving with his license canceled / suspended / revoked, violating driver's license restrictions, and driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs with the third offense within 10 years.

Now, several hours after the incident, TMZ has managed to find footage of that arrest, where we see three officers drawing their firearms after Hardy apparently disobeyed orders, once he finally stopped to the side. of the road.

Hardy eventually exits the vehicle and is immediately approached. During the conversation outside the vehicle, which is easily heard from the audio of the video, the officer says: "Did you say you had a scheduled medical appointment for your head? What is it for? A CT scan of the brain, ok." Shortly thereafter the same wrestler admitted that he had taken a few shots of Fireball, which is apparently a whiskey with an alcohol by volume of 33%.

This statement is also later underlined by one of the agents present. The video is also seen failing. control tests, losing balance several times. We remind you that, according to what emerged in the police report, the alcohol level in Jeff Hardy's body was over three times the legal limit allowed, in short, not at all a light thing or a joke.

Fans think WWE wasn't all that wrong

We all know that Jeff Hardy's recent firing came after his strange behavior during a live event, with people immediately thinking he might be related to alcohol. Matt Hardy, who recently commented on this latest arrest, said about it: "There has been a lot of fake news, it's not true that Jeff Hardy was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

He always stayed clean during his last WWE stint."