On a party with the German chancellor found drugs for rape

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On a party with the German chancellor found drugs for rape

The spokesperson of the party caucus in the parliament confirmed the writing of the Berlin daily Tagesspiegel and added that nine victims have been confirmed so far.

The investigation is ongoing

Berlin police said they were investigating serious injuries after a 21-year-old woman filed a complaint.

"I advise everyone concerned to file a lawsuit," one of the leaders of the SPD, Katja Mast, wrote on Twitter. In an email addressed to the participants of that summer celebration held on Wednesday, the SPD condemns "a terrible act that was immediately reported to the police."

Some thousand people were at the traditional celebration that the SPD organizes before the summer vacation, and among them was Chancellor Scholz from that party and numerous other representatives and associates. Berlin police said that after a "celebration organized by a political party", the 21-year-old woman reported that she did not remember any details of the evening's party the next day.

She reported to the hospital for an examination and filed a complaint. That young woman was consuming food at a party and drinking a soft drink when she suddenly felt weak and dizzy. So far, the police have been notified of four more such cases.

Many women can't remember so they don't file a complaint

The "rape drug" causes nausea and dizziness and is mostly put into drinks and causes sedation (sedation) with a hypnotic effect (drowsiness) so that the person cannot resist and the aggressors can rape, decorate or apply some act of aggression.

In 2021, in Berlin, a city known for its sometimes excessive parties, 22 cases of aggression with "rape drugs" were reported, writes the daily Berliner Zeitung. The actual number of victims is far higher, as many cannot remember the events and are too ashamed to press charges.

“It was an internal event. You could only enter by invitation,” said the spokesman. “There is still a lot of uncertainty (about what happened), the police are investigating,” he added. In a statement, the Berlin police, who mention only a “summer party of a political party”, explained that they had been alerted by a 21-year-old girl who, the day after the event, had no recollection of what had happened the previous night.