Revealed what the FBI was actually looking for in Trump's house

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Revealed what the FBI was actually looking for in Trump's house

FBI agents sought documents related to nuclear weapons during a search of former US President Donald Trump's home in Florida, the Washington Post reported on Thursday. It is not known whether such documents were found in Palm Beach, where Donald Trump's house is located, the Washington Post writes.

The Justice Department has asked the investigating judge to release the warrant authorizing the search of Trump's vacation home, so the public can learn more about exactly what investigators are looking for in the unprecedented search of the former president's home.

Trump called the events in Florida this week political retaliation. The arrival of investigators in Florida is part of an investigation that seeks to determine whether Trump illegally removed documents from the White House when he left office in January 2021.

State Attorney Merrick Garland personally ordered search

State Attorney Merrick Garland said he personally approved the decision to order the search. "The Ministry does not make such decisions easily. Wherever possible, the practice is to use less intrusive means of investigation and to narrow its scope," said Garland.

His confirmation is unusual, given that the US Department of Justice does not usually discuss ongoing investigations. But in this case, Trump announced on Monday evening that his home was being searched. Garland said the Justice Department has asked the court to release the sealed search warrant, which could shed light on the nature of the investigation.

A source familiar with the investigation said FBI agents took ten boxes from Trump's home during the search. It is not yet known whether Trump's lawyers will formally object to the release of the order, which expires on Friday.

Trump's lawyers, Evan Corcoran and John Rowley, did not comment. In a statement on his social network Truth, Trump said: “My lawyers and representatives are cooperating fully and a very good relationship has been established. The government can take whatever it wants, if it was from us"