Vanessa Bryant awarded16 million dollars in suit over leaked Kobe Bryant's photos

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Vanessa Bryant awarded16 million dollars in suit over leaked Kobe Bryant's photos

Kobe Bryant's widow was awarded $16 million in damages by a court because photos of the helicopter crash in 2020 that killed the American basketball star and his daughter Gianna were leaked to the public. Vanessa Bryant, 40, said she had panic attacks after learning photos taken by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies and firefighters were shared.

A federal court ruled that Los Angeles County must pay for Bryant's wife's emotional pain as a result. “I felt like I wanted to run down the block and scream,” she told the court, her body shaking with emotion.

“I can’t escape my body. I can’t escape what I feel”. Also, the court decided that Christopher Chester, who lost his wife Sarah and daughter Payton in the mentioned accident, should be paid 15 million dollars.

As CNN writes, Vanessa Bryant immediately hugged her lawyers after the verdict was read. As she continued to cry, Bryant then tearfully hugged her daughter Natalia.

She left the courtroom without making a statement.

“This case has always been about accountability.

And now the jury has spoken unanimously”. , said her lawyer Louis Lee. District Attorney Mira Hashmall said in a statement that while she disagreed with the jury's findings on liability, she believed the monetary amount showed jurors did not believe the evidence supported prosecutors' claim of $75 million for emotional distress.

“While we disagree with the jury’s findings regarding county liability, we believe the monetary award shows jurors do not believe was that the evidence supported the plaintiffs’ requests for $75 million for emotional distress.

We will discuss next steps with our client. In the meantime, we hope that the Bryant and Chester family will continue to recover from their tragic loss”. the statement said. The National Transportation Safety Board determined that the helicopter pilot "pushed the limits of bad weather flight rules" before the aircraft crashed in Calabasas, California.