Nancy Pelosi's husband, sentenced to five days in prison for drunk driving

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Nancy Pelosi's husband, sentenced to five days in prison for drunk driving

The husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was sentenced Tuesday to five days in jail and ordered to pay $6,800 in fines and restitution after pleading guilty to causing injury by driving while intoxicated in California in May.

But Paul Pelosi, 82, will avoid prison after a judge ruled that the four days he spent in custody after his arrest count toward his sentence. Instead of one day remaining, the judge ordered him to do community service, said his attorney, Amanda Bevins.

Bevins entered the plea on behalf of her client in Napa County Superior Court in California. The defendant decided not to appear at the hearing because his presence was not mandatory. Paul Pelosi was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol after he was involved in a two-car crash in California in May.

No one was seriously injured. In a field sobriety test that called for Pelosi to raise one foot, stand on the other one and count, the motorist couldn't do it without keeping his hands on the CHP vehicle. "You can't grab on to the patrol car," the officer told Pelosi.

"That defeats the whole purpose of the test." "You got to understand from my standpoint, you're involved in a crash, I smell alcohol coming from your breath (and) I can see you're very unsteady on your feet," the officer patiently explained.

"So you see where it's concerning to me?" "I'll discuss with my supervisors to see what they're willing to do just because we know you're a high-profile person," an officer could be heard telling him in the dashcam footage.

Amanda Bevins, an attorney for Pelosi, declined to comment.

Although he was spared additional prison time, Paul Pelosi was given three years of probation and banned from driving a motor vehicle for one year unless it is equipped with an ignition device that prevents the driver from starting the car without first taking a breathalyzer test.

Paul Pelosi was also ordered to pay $4,927 in restitution to the driver of the other car for medical bills and lost wages, plus a $150 standard surcharge and a $1,723 court fine.