Alec Baldwin: "I didn't pull the trigger on the set of Rust" but the FBI denies him


Alec Baldwin: "I didn't pull the trigger on the set of Rust" but the FBI denies him
Alec Baldwin: "I didn't pull the trigger on the set of Rust" but the FBI denies him

The FBI accused Alec Baldwin of pulling the trigger on the gun that fired the shot that killed Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, on the set of the western movie Rust. Baldwin defended himself by saying: "I didn't pull the trigger.

The security officer on the set had made sure, before the take, that the gun was okay. That it was a cold gun. He said it in front of everyone as he put it in my hand. weapon." In a podcast interview with Chris Cuomo, a former CNN anchor hunted for helping his brother Andrew save his political career from harassment allegations, Baldwin said: "The real problem is who put a bullet that could explode.

in that gun." Baldwin blamed the tragedy on Hannah Gutierrez Reed, who was tasked with checking the weapons used on set, and on deputy director Dave Halls, who handed him the weapon. Second actor, Seth Kenney, who supplied the props to the production, is also responsible.

It may have been he, according to the actor, who unwittingly brought live bullets to the set. According to the ballistic report of the FBI released in recent days, as many as 150 would have been found. Baldwin has been stationary since October, when he was the protagonist of the tragic accident that cost the life of director of photography Halyna Hutchins on the set of the western film Rust.

The investigation is currently underway and the actor recently denied firing, pointing the finger at the gun security officer on set, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, and deputy director Dave Halls, who had put the gun on him. gun in hand.

It has not yet been made clear how the prop gun that killed Hutchins could have been loaded.

Baldwin's new project

According to the New York Post, the 64-year-old actor will be in a Broadway production scheduled for next spring.

This is a revival of the opera Art by French playwright, writer, actress and screenwriter Yasmina Reza. Art will open at the Shubert theater and tells a glimpse of the daily life of three friends, who are confronted in a heated way on a painting.

A wealthy lover of contemporary art buys, for a stratospheric sum, a strange painting, in fact a large white canvas. In addition to Baldwin, the cast will include Tony Shalhoub, recently engaged in the TV series The Marvelous Mrs.

Maisel (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) and The Blacklist, and John Leguizamo (The Mandalorian). The director will be Matthew Warchus, who also staged the opera in 1998.

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