Incredible in Italian soccer: "I'll cut your head if my son doesn't play"

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Incredible in Italian soccer: "I'll cut your head if my son doesn't play"

Really unbelievable and grotesque what happened in a soccer match in Italy, specifically in Campania. A truly grotesque story that shows the rottenness of sport even at the youth level. There would have been an attempted aggression against the head of the Avellino soccer club's youth sector, Giuliano Capobianco.

From the stands, a parent of an Avellino athlete headed, as the Gazzetta dello Sport wrote, threateningly towards the field against the person responsible, due to the little use of his son. The club statement: "The club expresses full solidarity with Giuliano Capobianco, head of the youth sector, for the continuous threats and attempted attacks suffered in recent months by parents who, without any demeanor and with somewhat questionable ways, complain the scarce employment of their children.

The company will take measures against the members involved, despite the indirect responsibility of the interested parties, and, at the same time, the people who are victims of these episodes of violence will file a complaint with the competent authorities." Capobianco, the victim, said: "Unfortunately it is an unpleasant and reiterated situation that has been going on for months.

Both on social media and in person I am subject to verbal threats up to this attempt at aggression that upset me a lot. I did not listen. I saw the hustle and bustle with my ears, but I was told that this parent would even threaten me to cut off my head and put it in a suitcase if his son did not come in.

And to think that we are just on the second day of the youth championships. Society rightly wanted to give a signal. Unfortunately, I am sorry that there is this culture in Italy, starting from the youth sector, to think only of the result and above all that some parents hurt their children.

It is depressing above all for these children. 14, 15 or 16 year olds who witness these episodes. They must follow their own path and, therefore, above all, have fun doing physical activity. First and foremost they must pass on parents who, on the other hand, often see us as enemies."