Las Vegas: 2 people killed, 6 left wounded in a stabbing attack

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Las Vegas: 2 people killed, 6 left wounded in a stabbing attack
Las Vegas: 2 people killed, 6 left wounded in a stabbing attack

Two people were killed and six were wounded in a knife attack outside a Las Vegas casino. The suspect was arrested, the police said. Among the victims were tourists and local residents, the Las Vegas Police Department said at a press conference.

The suspect, described as a man believed to be in his early 30s and not from the area, used a large knife with a long blade and was taken into custody shortly after the attack, authorities said.

Officials said they were working to confirm his identity.

Jason Adams told KLAS that he witnessed the attack on a showgirl.

“This guy came, ran up, and started stabbing this lady in front of me and she ran around the escalators and she tried to get up under the bridge and her girlfriend was trying to help her,” Adams said, adding that the attack happened very quickly.

Three of the surviving victims were in critical condition, Koren said. Officials described the victims as a mix of tourists and locals. "The weapon we recovered was a large kitchen knife," Koren said.

Motive unknown

Police said the suspect's motive was not immediately known.

"The initial altercation or the initial stabbing occurs on the sidewalk area, appears unprovoked — there is no altercation beforehand," Deputy Police Chief James LaRochelle told reporters. Of the eight people who were stabbed, one was pronounced dead on the spot, and one died in a nearby hospital.

Six other victims were hospitalized, three of whom are in critical condition, according to a police statement. The attack happened shortly before noon on the boulevard in the southern part of Las Vegas. "We want to extend our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims and to the victims themselves.

... We’re thinking of them and have them their thoughts," LaRochelle said. Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak posted a message on social media saying, “Our hearts are with all those affected by this tragedy”. “At the State level, we will continue to work with partners in law enforcement to make resources available on the ground and ensure the Las Vegas Strip remains a safe and welcoming place for all to visit,” Sisolak said.

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