Angel Di Maria: thwarted robbery in his villa in Turin

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Angel Di Maria: thwarted robbery in his villa in Turin

Great fear for Angel Di Maria, striker of the Italian Serie A club Juventus. The attacker was the victim of an attempted robbery in his villa in Turin. Foiled a shot in the Juventus player's villa. The State Police blocked a group of thieves in the elegant pre-hill area of ​​the city where the Argentine midfielder resides.

According to preliminary information, three people acted, one of whom was arrested. The agents intervened; the thieves are said to be part of a gang specializing in thefts and robberies of villas. To give the alarm were the private vigilantes, who when they saw the three silhouettes on the monitors immediately notified the police.

The three then failed to enter the building and fled, aboard an SUV. They ran off the road after hitting another car.

Angel Di Maria: thwarted robbery in his villa in Turin

One of them, apparently of foreign origins, was stopped by the police officers, who arrived in the area when the alarm went off, while the other two managed to escape.

The investigations are strictly reserved by the Turin Police Headquarters and investigations are underway on a weapon found not far from Di Maria's villa. According to an initial reconstruction, these are three individuals, who were immortalized by the villa's surveillance system as they climbed over the fence.

The Argentine star was reunited with his family and partner Dusan Vlahovic to dine. The attempted robbery triggered the alarm, given by the private surveillance service, so that the police were able to arrive at the scene and prevent the crime, arresting one of the three thieves, of Romanian nationality, while the other two managed to escape.

For the two players a frightening evening, only partially eased by the constant presence of the police and private security throughout the night in front of the residence. The Argentine, who together with his family had lived a similar bad experience in Paris, in that case his wife and daughters were kidnapped by robbers, at San Siro he will not be there because he is disqualified, Dusan instead will be the protagonist and therefore will have to find serenity in the hours approaching the match in Juve retreat.