Rapper Saman Yasin sentenced to death for supporting Mahsa Amini

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Rapper Saman Yasin sentenced to death for supporting Mahsa Amini

Kurdish-Iranian rapper Saman Yasin, 27 year-old, was reportedly sentenced to death after being accused of declaring war on God for his social support for protests over Mahsa Amini's death. The country's Criminal Code prohibits acts of rebellion, including the support of anything that causes serious disturbances in the public order of the state and insecurity.

Anyone found guilty of this will be considered corrupt on earth and sentenced to death. The rapper was picked up by security forces from his home three weeks ago, and now an Iranian court will decide his fate in the coming days.

According to the UN, over 14 thousand people were arrested, including women and children, in the course of the crackdown on demonstrations. Javaid Rehman, special rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran, said: "Thousands of men, women and children have been arrested in the past six weeks, including human rights defenders, students, lawyers, journalists and civil society activists.

In another very disturbing development, the Iranian authorities announced earlier this week that they will be holding public trials for over a thousand people arrested in Tehran and a similar number outside the capital. The charges against these people will include charges, which carry the penalty.

death. In the absence of internal channels of accountability, I would like to emphasize the importance of the role and accountability of the international community in addressing impunity for human rights violations in Iran."

Rapper Saman Yasin sentenced to death for supporting Mahsa Amini

227 Iranian lawmakers urged the judiciary to firmly address the perpetrators of these crimes and all those who witnessed the crimes and provoked the rioters, which human rights activists fear will lead to a wave of executions and life sentences imposed by the courts in the coming weeks.

The country's institutions have all chosen the hard line up to now, and it cannot be excluded that they choose to sacrifice other lives to put out the revolt. What started out as a protest demanding only a few more rights and freedoms for women has turned into a struggle against the symbols of oppression and power.

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