Black Lives Matter founding cousin killed by police

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Black Lives Matter founding cousin killed by police

Black Lives Matter founding cousin killed by police. The man allegedly died on the floor, with one policeman pressing his elbow on his neck and another hitting him with a taser for over 30 seconds. The victim is 31-year-old teacher Keenan Anderson, a cousin of the founder of the Black Lives Matter movement Patrisse Cullors.

Yet another case of disproportionate violence occurred in Los Angeles on 3 January. Anderson had been involved in a car accident but the policemen who arrived at the scene, instead of helping him, threw him to the ground and hit him, the family reported.

At one point the man, in a panic, yelled: "Help me, they are trying to do to me what they did to George Floyd." Patrisse Cullors said: "My cousin asked for help and didn't get it, they killed him no one deserves to die in panic and fear: my cousin feared for his life, he has spent the last 10 years watching a movement grow challenges the killings of African Americans It was a traffic accident instead of treating him as a potential criminal they should have called an ambulance this type of killing and use of force will not cease unless we have courageous elected officials who defy not only the police but policies too." Melina Abdullah, another co-founder of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, said: "Keenan's murder is absolutely horrific, the police are not talking about killing but about death in custody, but Keenan was tasered, we know that the police resulted in his death, a minor traffic accident shouldn't lead to the death of an unarmed African American who had done nothing wrong."

What happened

Anderson had been involved in a car accident and when the police arrived they found him in the middle of the road calling for help.

At this point the officer ordered him to go to the sidewalk and stand against the wall. Anderson at first complied, but then became concerned by the aggressive attitude of the policeman and tried to flee. Once stopped, the agent ordered him to lie on his stomach, other agents arrived with the young man saying: help me, they are trying to kill me.

After being pinned down and tasered, Anderson went into cardiac arrest and died following hospitalization. Statistics show that around 10% of police killings occur during traffic accident interventions.