Dmitry Medvedev warned NATO: With their moves, they want a direct war with Russia

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Dmitry Medvedev warned NATO: With their moves, they want a direct war with Russia

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev decided to warn Nato of the consequences that could arise if they decide to deliver planes to the Ukrainians. The situation between Russia and NATO has been tense for a long time, and if it continues like this, it could escalate.

"This is what is happening today. Canadian and German instructors in the EU are already teaching Ukrainian killers how to operate Leopards. If we imagine delivered NATO planes in the future, which are serviced by their army on the territory of, say, Poland, this will mean the direct entry of NATO members into the war against Russia with all the consequences that will follow," Medvedev said.

Immediately following the attacks carried out by members of the Russian volunteer corps in the Bryansk region, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the attack was an act of terrorism carried out by members of the Russian volunteer corps.

"Today, neo-Nazis and terrorists committed another terrorist act, another crime. They entered the border area and opened fire on civilians. They saw that it was a civilian car, they saw that civilians were sitting. It was these people who gave themselves the task of killing us to deprive us of historical memory, to take away our history, tradition, language," Putin said.

"These crimes are committed by neo-Nazis and their masters. They will not pay attention to today's attack, but in the end, Russia's opponents will not succeed. We will bring them down," Putin concluded.

Solider and his reaction

One of the soldiers had something to say after all the chaos that ensued; "We, the fighters of the Russian volunteer corps, are recording this video from the Bryansk region.

We did not come here as saboteurs, but as a liberation army in our homeland. Unlike Putin's army, murderers and thugs, we are not at war with civilians, we have come to liberate you. We invite you to take up arms and fight the bloody Putin regime. Glory to the RDK (Russian Volunteer Corps)! Death to the Kremlin regime," the soldier said.

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