Former NBA Star Shawn Kemp Arrested After Parking Lot Shooting

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Former NBA Star Shawn Kemp Arrested After Parking Lot Shooting
Former NBA Star Shawn Kemp Arrested After Parking Lot Shooting

Tacoma, Washington was the site of a shocking incident involving former NBA basketball player Shawn Kemp. The 53-year-old was arrested after a reported shooting at a shopping center parking lot.

Conflict with Another Driver Leads to Gunfire

According to eyewitness accounts and media reports, Kemp allegedly got into a conflict with another driver, after which he exited his car with a weapon in hand.

A video of the incident, captured by a passerby, shows Kemp approaching the other vehicle and pointing his firearm before firing at least once.

Self-Defense Claims

David Rose, a journalist close to the former NBA star, reported that Kemp had his property stolen from his car the day prior and used his iPhone to track it to the Tacoma shopping center. "Sources close to SuperSonics legend Shawn Kemp tell me he had property stolen from his car yesterday, tracked his iPhone to Tacoma today and when he approached the vehicle, a suspect shot at him," wrote Rose. "He fired back in self-defense."

Multiple Gunshots Heard, Weapon Recovered at Scene

TMZ Sports reported that witnesses heard multiple gunshots before recording the incident on their phones.

They claim to have seen Kemp drive around the parking lot and discard his weapon in a nearby bush before speaking with police. "At one point, Kemp appears to attempt to flag down police to go after the other vehicle involved," wrote TMZ Sports.

Arrest Made, Investigation Ongoing

Kemp was arrested along with several other individuals and a weapon was recovered from the scene. No injuries were reported, and the investigation remains ongoing. Anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers.

Eyewitness Reactions

Brandyn Payne, a witness who recorded the incident on his cell phone, stated, "I was helping a customer and I heard a couple shots, and the mail lady was coming in and she said, 'The guy in the red vest just shot somebody.'

" Another witness said, "But like a drive-by shooting, Shawn Kemp — he's not shooting basketballs, right?" Unfortunately, Payne noted that incidents like this are becoming more common. "It's becoming a regular occurrence, unfortunately.

I mean, that's probably the fourth one this month," Payne said.

Remembering a Basketball Icon

Shawn Kemp was a dominant force in the NBA, known for his ferocious dunks. He collected six All-Star appearances and was selected to the league's second-best five team three times.

Kemp was one of the most attractive players in the league during his time and will always be remembered as a basketball icon.


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