Viktor Yushchenko: What Putin did, even Hitler did not do

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Viktor Yushchenko: What Putin did, even Hitler did not do
Viktor Yushchenko: What Putin did, even Hitler did not do (Provided by Financial World)

The former Ukrainian president, Viktor Yushchenko, harshly criticized Russia and what they are currently doing in Ukraine. Yuschenko believes that everyone should be held accountable for such things, especially the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

"I am absolutely sure that tribunals should be established if we want wars like this not to happen again. They have to be tried, we have to understand that they are criminals and they have to be tried for their crimes. Putin has to be punished.

This is a problem that the whole world needs to solve . We must come out of this war clean and we must reexamine what happened, where was the source of darkness and where was the source of light, and those who started this war must end up behind bars.

We do not want to betray the 15 million Ukrainians who were displaced by this war." Yushchenko said.

Ukraine and independency

Yuschenko recalled the history and what used to happen. Ukrainians were often the target of the Russians, who considered Ukraine 'theirs'

The former president of Ukraine believes that Ukraine has a full right to be an independent state. "Ukrainians declared independence six times. Each time we maintained our neutrality, and this resulted in them retaining their independence once for a day and a half, the second time for three days, the third time for six months, but that's the longest we've been able to maintain independence.

That's what Russia taught us. This is our history only in the 20th century. As soon as we decide to declare the Ukrainian People's Republic, as we did in 1918, the Russian army with its generals will start marching towards Ukraine and destroy us without mercy.

Ukraine has the right to sovereignty and self-determination just like your country has or Latvians, Latvians, Poles and the like. Stop listening to Putin's lessons about why the war ended. We stand for the sovereignty of all countries," Yushchenko added.

He believes that even Adolf Hitler did not do these things. "But a person should never be judged by what he says, but by what he does. What he did, even Hitler did not do. However, this is not only about Putin, but also about 140 million little Putins who legitimize what he does.

I think that Europe will have to spend several decades to heal the divisions that Russia caused," the former president pointed out.