A Russian woman is suspended for writing an insult on Putin's parents' graves

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A Russian woman is suspended for writing an insult on Putin's parents' graves
A Russian woman is suspended for writing an insult on Putin's parents' graves

There has been a great deal of attention given to Vladimir Putin by the media for almost two years now. There is still a war in Ukraine that has been caused by him and many are wondering when it will come to an end. Putin is in the spotlight again, this time because of a 60-year-old Russian woman who left a message at the cemetery of Vladimir Putin's parents that they 'raised a murderer and monsters'

As a result of her actions, she did not have to wait long for the Russian authorities to react. They sent her on a two-year suspended sentence. As a result of the court ruling, Irina Tsybaneva was found guilty of desecrating a grave, and the motive, according to the trial court, was political hate directed this time at Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The war between Russia and Ukraine was one of the motivating factors behind Tsybaneva's decision.


It has been reported that the prosecution has sought a suspended sentence of three years for Tsybaneva, who was charged in October with desecrating the Putin family plot in St.

Petersburg with a note in relation to Putin's parents, referring to them as "the parents of this maniac.". The message reads: "Death to Putin, you raised a monster and a murderer," in which the parents are called upon to "take him with them, he causes them so much pain and trouble," according to Russian media.

As it states in the message, the whole world is praying for him to die. It was claimed by Tsybaneva's lawyer that she did not plead guilty due to the fact that she did not physically desecrate the grave or seek publicity by doing so.

As a result of her action, it will be interesting to see if something similar will happen afterward, as sometimes things like this can motivate other citizens to do the same as well. They are aware that Putin does not choose a way to stop some things, so fear is still present.


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