Ukraine Confirms Role in Crimea Bridge Attack

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Ukraine Confirms Role in Crimea Bridge Attack
Ukraine Confirms Role in Crimea Bridge Attack

The chief of the Ukrainian intelligence service confirmed their hand in a destructive assault on a critical bridge that links Russia's occupied Crimean peninsula with its mainland territory. The bridge, which suffered severe damage following a substantial explosion seven months ago, has long been suspected to be the handiwork of Ukrainian forces, although this assertion has remained unconfirmed until now.

In a candid YouTube interview with esteemed Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Komarov, Vasyl Malyuk, the head of the domestic intelligence service SBU, acknowledged the service's role in the operation. "Since this is a logistics route that we had to cut off from the enemy, appropriate measures were taken," Malyuk stated.

Although he remained reticent on the operation's intricate details, this bold admission has brought a new layer of insight to the ongoing conflict.

The Striking Evidence of a Hidden War

Footage of the explosive incident that engulfed the bridge on October 8 and the subsequent inferno had circulated globally, leaving an indelible image of the conflict's ferocity.

Coincidentally, the attack transpired a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin's 70th birthday, leading some to speculate on its potential symbolic nature. While the international community has largely suspected Ukrainian involvement, Kiev had until now maintained an official silence on the matter.

This stance began to waver in December when Malyuk subtly hinted at the agency's possible involvement, a hint that is now confirmed as the truth.

The Strategic Bridge to the Crimea Peninsula

Despite the severe damage and subsequent temporary closure, the bridge has since been restored.

Today, it remains an essential conduit for supplying the Russian army in its contentious campaign against Ukraine. Malyuk asserted that Ukraine's actions were in line with the "tradition of warfare," revealing the establishment of a dedicated unit for conducting sabotage operations on Ukrainian soil against the enemy at the onset of the Russian aggression, some 15 months prior.

Simultaneously, Malyuk disclosed that Russian authorities continued "pseudo-investigations" into the bridge attack, during which more than 20 Russian citizens were suspected and arrested. He further revealed the Ukrainian armed forces' joint efforts with the SBU in conducting drone attacks on Russian warships in the Bay of Sevastopol last October.

This public confirmation of Ukrainian involvement in acts of strategic sabotage underscores the escalating tensions in the region and marks a new chapter in this protracted geopolitical struggle.

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