Buildings in Moscow hit by drones: Panic in Russia

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Buildings in Moscow hit by drones: Panic in Russia
Buildings in Moscow hit by drones: Panic in Russia

A number of drones have hit buildings in Moscow recently, which has led to a quite tense situation in Russia. It did not take long for rumors to spread about who might have been behind it. As a result of the events that took place this morning, the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, was in fear.

There was a tremendous outburst of emotion throughout the city, and the emergency services rushed to the scene. In the immediate aftermath of the incident, the occupants of the buildings were evacuated. They hope that it will not come to the same in the next few days.

Reports about drones

There have been reports of up to ten drones being shot down by Russian forces early Tuesday morning. US media has also reported the same thing. In spite of its geographical distance from Ukraine, Moscow has rarely been the target of drone attacks since the onset of the conflict in Ukraine, although they have become more common elsewhere in Russia as a consequence.

In spite of that, it appears that the Ukrainians have a new tactic up their sleeves There have been pictures posted on social networks showing traces of smoke in the sky above Moscow. It was also shown that a window had been broken by others.

A few more drones are rumored to have tried to do the same thing, but they were stopped before they could do anything. It became impossible for the Ukrainians to remain oblivious of what was happening, so they retaliated in kind in order to protect themselves.

We will have to wait and see if the situation will calm down in the coming days. It is easy to understand why the Russian side would expect something like this to happen, given that they are doing terrible things in Ukraine right now. There is a possibility that the situation for them may deteriorate even further in the near future.

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