Donald Trump explains how he would end the war in Ukraine

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Donald Trump explains how he would end the war in Ukraine
Donald Trump explains how he would end the war in Ukraine

Former US President Donald Trump is known as someone who has spoken many times about solutions to end the war in Ukraine. Trump is not satisfied with the work of Joe Biden, who fails to calm the passions between Ukraine and Russia.

In an interview with FOX, Trump emphasized that he would solve the problem between Ukraine and Russia in a short time. He emphasized that the leaders of both countries are smart people, but also people with a special character.

"These are smart people, including the French Macron. I can go through the whole list of people, including Putin. These people are sharp, and we have a man who has no idea what is going on. This is the most dangerous time in the history of our country," said Trump.

Donald Trump and his solutions: I know them very well

Donald Trump has a great relationship with both leaders. Trump believes that the best solution is to talk to both of them. Given that he has good relations with them, Donald would tell Zelenskyy to stop, but also to Putin that if he continues, he will support Ukraine in a special way.

"I know Zelenskyy very well, and I also know Putin very well, even better. And I had a good, very good relationship with both of them. I would say to Zelenskyy, don't continue. You have to come to an agreement. I would say to Putin, if you don't come to an agreement, we will Zelensky a lot.

We'll give Ukraine more than it ever got if we have to. I'll make a deal in a day. One day," Trump replied. However, the question is how realistic it is to solve the problem between Ukraine and Russia at this moment. Vladimir Putin is known as a tough negotiator, but also a stubborn man. It is still difficult to predict if and when the war will come to an end. Let's wait a while.

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