Vladimir Putin reacts to the new 'move' of Joe Biden: It is a crime!

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Vladimir Putin reacts to the new 'move' of Joe Biden: It is a crime!
Vladimir Putin reacts to the new 'move' of Joe Biden: It is a crime!

Vladimir Putin is frustrated with the actions of the USA and believes that they must stop supplying Ukraine with cluster munitions. Putin calls this kind of help a crime. "The administration of the United States of America (USA) itself called the use of cluster munitions a crime some time ago.

I think it should be treated as such," said Putin.
The Russian leader emphasized that during the war in Ukraine, Russia did not use this type of ammunition. Obviously, they will now change their plans and do the same. "Until now, we have not done this, we have not used it, nor have we had such a need, despite the known shortage in a certain period of time, and we also have ammunition, but we have not done this," said Putin.

Vladimir Putin reacts: His analysis

The reasons why the USA chose to do this have been well analyzed by Vladimir Putin. "They don't have enough, and Europe already lacks that armament, and that's why they found nothing better than to propose the use of cluster munitions," he continued.

US President Joe Biden has been the target of criticism for his actions since the beginning of the war. Some consider his moves bizarre, while there are many who believe that Bidden could do a lot more at this moment. In an interview with the media, the President of the USA revealed why he decided to supply the Ukrainians with ammunition.

"This is a war that is related to ammunition. They are running out of that ammunition. What I did, I accepted the recommendation of the Ministry of Defense that this time we deliver that ammunition until we produce additional quantities of 155 mm caliber ammunition," said US President Joe Bidden.

It is difficult to say what this war can bring, but the situation is not at all simple. Both sides stand firmly behind their positions.

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