Vladimir Putin threatens the Poles: An attack on Belarus is an attack on Russia

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Vladimir Putin threatens the Poles: An attack on Belarus is an attack on Russia
Vladimir Putin threatens the Poles: An attack on Belarus is an attack on Russia

After the Poles announced that they would move a part of their army from the west of their country to the east of it, i.e. to the Belarusian border, Belarus and its inhabitants have fallen into great fear. As soon as this news reached the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, he reacted immediately and indicated that Russia would respond immediately if the Poles decided to take such a step.

Considering all the options available to him, he is ready to use them all. "Initiating aggression against Belarus will mean aggression against the Russian Federation. We will respond to that with all the means at our disposal," Putin said.

His speech could not pass without mentioning the Ukrainians and the current situation. In general, there is a belief that Poles dream of being able to get some part of the territory of Ukraine or Belarus. This was also discussed by Vladimir Putin in his speech.

Vladimir Putin on Stallin's gift to the Poles

"As far as the Ukrainian regime is concerned, that is their business. If, as traitors usually do, they want to hand something over, sell something, pay their masters with something, that is their business.

We will not interfere," Putin continued. In his speech, Vladimir Putin also recalled the Second World War and the fact that the then USSR was of great help to Poland. The Poles found themselves in the most difficult situation after the attack by Germany.

The Russian leader believes that the Poles quickly forgot how Stalin and Russia helped them in those moments. "In 1939, Poland was left stranded by the Western allies. They left it to be eaten by the German war machine and in fact lost its independence and statehood, which was restored to a large extent thanks to the Soviet Union.

The western territories of today's Poland are Stalin's gift to the Poles. Our friends in Warsaw forgot about it, we will remind them," Putin said.

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