Tesla Under the Lens Again: New Crash Sparks Renewed Investigation

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Tesla Under the Lens Again: New Crash Sparks Renewed Investigation
Tesla Under the Lens Again: New Crash Sparks Renewed Investigation

In the wake of yet another traffic mishap involving a Tesla vehicle, the US authorities have once again turned their gaze towards the innovative automaker. This accident, a grim reminder of the challenges posed by automated driving systems, transpired on July 19 in Virginia and added to Tesla's burgeoning list of road accidents.

The Fatal Encounter

A Tesla Model Y, operated by a 57-year-old driver, collided dramatically with a truck, resulting in grievous injuries to the car's driver and his subsequent death. Preliminary investigations by the Fauquier County police unveiled that the truck was in the midst of a turn onto the freeway from a resort when the Model Y sideswiped it.

In a distressing turn of events, the electric car wound up almost completely underneath the truck. The mishap led to the truck driver receiving a court summons for reckless driving. This, quite tellingly, suggests that the authorities predominantly consider the truck's driver as the one at fault.

However, the inevitable question arises: Shouldn’t Tesla's advanced driver assistance system have detected and responded to the error of the truck driver?

Rising Concerns Over Tesla’s Autopilot

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has felt the urgency to dive deeper into this concern.

Having already investigated multiple accidents connected to Tesla's driver-assist technologies, the NHTSA points out that such systems have been "involved" in a concerning 23 deaths since 2016. In an earlier move last year, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) had already alerted the NHTSA about the imminent need for stringent regulations around autonomous driving.

They stressed the point that Tesla appeared to be “testing its highly automated technology on public roads with limited monitoring and reporting requirements”. At the heart of the debate lies Tesla's Autopilot system, a groundbreaking innovation that manages steering, acceleration, and braking within its designated lane.

Additionally, its enhanced feature facilitates lane changes on highways. However, Tesla has always been vocal about one crucial detail: the system isn’t entirely automated. It mandates continuous human oversight, a fact that many users often overlook or misunderstand.


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