ITALY: Tragic Rail Accident Claims Five Workers Near Turin

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ITALY: Tragic Rail Accident Claims Five Workers Near Turin
ITALY: Tragic Rail Accident Claims Five Workers Near Turin © Getty Images News/Marco Di Lauro

In a devastating turn of events near Turin, Italy, a high-speed locomotive took the lives of five workers performing tasks alongside the railway embankment. According to initial police assessments, the train was speeding at an estimated 160 kilometers per hour at the time of the incident.

Details of the Mishap

Eyewitness accounts, as reported by Corriere della Serra, depict a harrowing scene. The workers were forcibly dragged for hundreds of meters by the oncoming train. Remarkably, two of their colleagues, including the foreman, narrowly escaped the catastrophe. “The two colleagues who worked nearby avoided the locomotive by a whisker and they were saved," detailed the paper.

For clarity, the train involved was composed of a tractor followed by eleven wagons. At the time of this calamity, the train was not in active commercial use and was, in fact, devoid of any passengers.

Seeking Answers

Brandizza's Mayor, Dr.

Paolo Bodoni, expressed his profound shock at the tragedy, revealing that he was promptly informed by his fellow medical professionals and emergency responders. Addressing speculation surrounding the incident, Mayor Bodoni said, "One of the two workers who narrowly escaped is believed to be the foreman." He continued, highlighting potential factors that might have contributed to the tragedy, "There might have been a communication lapse between the ground team and the coordinators for track-related tasks.

However, only further investigations will confirm this." Bodoni's observations also threw light on the train's alarming speed. As he questioned, "I don't know if 160 kilometers per hour is the right speed for a train passing by the station.

It's a question I ask myself, as a concerned citizen." "We wanted to be here right away, to be close to the families of people who they had gone to work and died, it is a huge tragedy, we cling to their loved ones," said the president of the Piedmont Region Alberto Cirio, in front of the Brandizzo station.

While rail accidents are rare in Italy, what makes this incident particularly shocking is its scale. As noted by multiple Italian media outlets, such a tragic event on the railways has not been recorded in the country in over a decade.


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