Ukraine's capital is targeted by Russian drones: Ukraine responded

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Ukraine's capital is targeted by Russian drones: Ukraine responded
Ukraine's capital is targeted by Russian drones: Ukraine responded © Roman Pilipey / Getty Images News

During the night of September 10, Russians attacked Ukraine using unmanned aerial vehicles of the Shahed-136/131 type, more specifically from the Russian Kursk. It has been recorded that 33 drones have been launched toward the Kyiv region during the past 24 hours.

The attack has caused significant damage to infrastructure, including power stations and communication towers. 26 Shahed-136/131 were destroyed by the Ukrainian Air Force in collaboration with other military branches. According to reports, 33 drones have been launched towards the Kyiv region in recent hours.

"Last night, the enemy attacked Kyiv with drones. It is assumed that they were Shahed drones. The drones entered the capital in groups and from different directions. The air defense forces managed to destroy more than two dozen enemy drones," Serhiy Popko said ,Ukrainian military general and a former commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces.

Popko and his statement

There are several settlements in the capital in which debris fell, according to Popko. Shevchenkivskyi district apartments in high-rise buildings were damaged. Most debris fell into open spaces. "Cars, trolleybuses, and the road have been damaged.

There is currently one victim whose life is not at risk," said Popko. Three boats allegedly attacking occupied Crimea were destroyed by Russian forces after eight drones were shot down over the Black Sea. The Russian Ministry of Defense later claimed they destroyed three fast military ships in the Black Sea with Ukrainian landing groups.

This escalation of tensions further demonstrates the risk of conflict between the two countries. This incident highlights the importance of diplomatic talks between Russia and Ukraine to deescalate tensions and prevent further conflict.

Both sides must work together to find a peaceful resolution to the ongoing dispute. Such an option seems somewhat unrealistic at the moment, given that both countries want to achieve their goal. However, it is known who started this conflict, and who should ultimately make more compromises.

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