Vladimir Putin: Ukrainians will start negotiating when they run out of resources

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Vladimir Putin: Ukrainians will start negotiating when they run out of resources
Vladimir Putin: Ukrainians will start negotiating when they run out of resources © Carl Court / Getty Images Sport

President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation has stated that Ukraine will most likely begin peace talks only when they run out of resources and that any possible cessation of hostilities will be used to rearm the country.

During a forum in Vladivostok, Putin said that Ukrainian forces have suffered heavy losses so far during their counter-offensive against Russian forces. "I have the impression that they want to bite as much as they can and then, when their resources are close to zero, to achieve a cessation of hostilities and start negotiations in order to restore their resources and restore their combat capability," Putin said.

Several potential mediators have questioned Putin about whether Russia is willing to stop fighting, saying that Russia cannot stop fighting in the face of a Ukrainian counteroffensive. "For there to be any chance of talks, Ukraine would first have to lift its self-imposed legal ban on peace talks and explain what it wants.

Then we'll see," Putin said.


It is undoubtedly the case that the Russians are persistent in their efforts to take over certain parts of Ukraine. They did not give up their goals for a single moment, and the peace negotiations did not bring the desired solution.

It seems that now the Russians are a bit afraid, considering the amount of armaments that Ukraine receives from Europe. The counter attack turned out to be fast, brutal and with huge consequences for the Russians. However, looking at the whole war, hardly any side profited from this conflict.

The number of victims is growing, and no one manages to fully achieve their goals. The war between Ukraine and Russia is another indicator of the senselessness of war and the fight over territory. The biggest victims in this story are the citizens of Ukraine, but lately also of Russia. There is still optimism that this conflict will come to an end.

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