Antony Blinken: The war in Ukraine is a threat to the world!

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Antony Blinken: The war in Ukraine is a threat to the world!
Antony Blinken: The war in Ukraine is a threat to the world! © Kevin Dietsch / Getty Images News

Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, has published remarks he made regarding Russia's aggression against Ukraine at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. At the very beginning of his speech, Blinken quoted the famous philosopher Nietzsche and his famous and memorable sentence.

"Now we find ourselves at another hinge moment in history – grappling with the fundamental question of strategy, as Nitze defined it: How do we get from where we are to where we want to be, without being struck by disaster along the way?” he said, quoted by!

Blinken was sharp and straightforward in his address! "Today, what I want to do is set out the Biden administration’s answer to that profound and vital question. So let’s start with where we are."

Blinken on post-Cold War

In his address, Blinken spoke about the Cold War and its end.

However, now a huge problem has appeared that will be studied in history; the War between Ukraine and Russia! "But what we’re experiencing now is more than a test of the post-Cold War order. It’s the end of it.

That didn’t happen overnight. And what brought us to this moment will be the subject of study and debate for decades to come. But there is a growing recognition that several of the core assumptions that shaped our approach to the post-Cold War era no longer hold."

Blinken is aware that the war in Ukraine can cause enormous consequences for everyone.

This kind of war could lead to a war of greater proportions, and nobody needs that at this moment. It seems as if all the 'side' parties do not want to take concrete steps, given that they are aware of what this could lead to.

"Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine is the most immediate, the most acute threat to the international order enshrined in the UN charter and its core principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence for nations, and universal indivisible human rights for individuals."


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