Finnish President, Sauli Niinisto: There is a huge risk of nuclear weapons being used

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Finnish President, Sauli Niinisto: There is a huge risk of nuclear weapons being used
Finnish President, Sauli Niinisto: There is a huge risk of nuclear weapons being used © Sean Gallup / Getty Images News

Taking a stand against an all-out Russian attack on Ukraine, the President of Finland, Sauli Niinisto, has warned Europe to be cautious in the event that an escalation does occur. Additionally, he is a skilled politician who is aware of the fact that this war can lead to a much greater problem in the future.

Leaders around the world are concerned most about the possibility of a nuclear war erupting in the near future. There is also the possibility that this would be the end of humanity as we have known it until now. There is no good that can come from such a situation for anyone.

As a result, NATO and Europe must be prepared and ready to deal with situations like this in the future. "We are in a very sensitive situation. Even small things can change things a lot and unfortunately for the worse. That is the risk of such large-scale warfare.

The risk that nuclear weapons can be used is huge," Niinisto said.


The Finnish leader believes that America and the rest of Europe should be more careful in many things. Russia is aware of who is supplying the Ukrainians with weapons, and this also means their involvement in the war.

Putin, known as a leader who doesn't choose the means, could be provoked by this to create huge problems for the Ukrainians and their collaborators. "There is a difference between those who have responsibility and those who don't...

And I just wanted to point out that if a major war escalates, it's a world war, so the nuclear risk becomes clearly greater," - he continued. The Finnish president is not the only person to warn about this. Many leaders around the world talked about the huge problem that Putin could create if the Ukrainians made progress on the front.

A person like him can hardly bear defeat. In such conditions, means and methods are often not chosen in order to achieve one's goal. We still hope that such an outcome will not happen and that Putin and Zelenskyy will find a solution. There is less and less optimism, but it is still there!


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