Josep Borrell: Vladimir Putin will try everything, he believes he has time

"Putin believes that democracies are weak, fragile"

by Sead Dedovic
Josep Borrell: Vladimir Putin will try everything, he believes he has time
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In an interview with The Guardian, the first man of diplomacy of the European Union, Josep Borrell, spoke about the current situation in Ukraine as well as about the unstable situation on the world stage. In addition, Borell highlighted the problems of migration occurring in Africa.

"We live in a circle of instability. From Gibraltar to the Caucasus, this happened before the Ukrainian war and will continue after the Ukrainian war. Migration in Africa is not caused by the war against Ukraine. The main causes of migration in Africa are lack of development, economic growth and bad governance.

"- Borrell said.

Vladimir Putin and his policy

Borrell also discussed Putin and whether he believes that Putin is taking advantage of the current migration crisis in order to serve his own interests. Borrell is obviously aware of the intentions of the Russian leader and is ready to fight to the end.

It is evident that Putin does not want to give up on his policy at all! His stubbornness is something that everyone is very familiar with. In light of these policies, some people fear that the Russian president will create an even bigger problem as a result of them.

"Putin will try everything. Putin believes that democracies are weak, fragile, that they are 'getting tired' and that time is on his side. He believes that sooner or later we will be exhausted. This is a political battle as much as a military one.

This must be explained by arguments Of course, nobody likes to allocate more money for electricity bills. I believe in democracy as a pedagogical exercise and I believe that people understand the reasons," -he continued. He emphasized that it is necessary to build a defense system that can be key in the fight against Russia or some other enemy.

"I'm not Donald Trump who says you have to spend 2 percent of GDP on defense, but it's in our hands to build a common foreign and defense policy," Borrell concluded.

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