Dmitry Medvedev: We have no option but to confront NATO


Dmitry Medvedev: We have no option but to confront NATO
Dmitry Medvedev: We have no option but to confront NATO © Andrea Verdelli / Getty Images News

There is a growing frustration among Russians as a result of the war in Ukraine. A major reason for the frustration of many Ukrainians is the enormous amount of aid provided to the Ukrainians by NATO. This kind of NATO involvement, the Russians believe, can provoke their response and lead to even greater consequences as a result.

In his telegram channel, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev recently warned NATO that if they continue on their current course, they could become at odds with the Russians. Medvedev is angry with the Americans who regularly send weapons to the Ukrainians and help them fight against the Russians.

The delivery of American Abrams tanks, as well as the Canadian Parliament's recognition of a Ukrainian veteran who fought in the SS division of Galicia, created by the Nazis in Ukraine, provoked Medvedev's anger. "Recent events are increasingly pushing us towards a direct confrontation with NATO, which has turned into an openly 'Nazi bloc'

We are ready, even if the results achieved will have a much more serious price for humanity than in 1945," -Dmitry Medvedev said.

Dmitry Medvedev and nuclear weapons

Among the things that can terrify everyone is the fact that Medvedev has in the past called for the use of nuclear weapons.

The use of such weaponry could have a devastating effect on the world. It could lead to mass destruction, environmental contamination, and long-term health problems. It is something that must be avoided at all costs. "None of them understands that the loss of a nuclear power in a conventional war can lead to a nuclear war.

The nuclear powers have not been defeated in major conflicts crucial to their destiny," Medvedev emphasized. In spite of this, the Russians still do not have any such intentions. This war will hopefully come to an end in a happy and peaceful manner. The consequences that nuclear weapons might have in the future are unimaginable to us.

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