China reduced the sale of drones to Ukrainians

The Chinese sell drones at a low price, and they are also the largest producers of drones

by Sead Dedovic
China reduced the sale of drones to Ukrainians
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As a result of the war in Ukraine, many people are supporting this country and seeking to provide it with weapons. Ukrainians are doing well so far in the war, and hopefully they will continue to be strong in the future. Some countries, however, are "friendly" towards Russia and are attempting to obstruct Ukrainian progress.

One of them is China. The country has introduced new rules restricting the export of drone components. China reduced drone sales to Ukraine. This move is seen as a way to weaken the Ukrainian defense. There are a number of differences between the Ukrainian war and wars that we have seen in the past.

This war is primarily fought by drones. Through them, it is easiest to achieve the military goal and achieve the desired result. The Chinese sell drones at a low price, and they are also the largest producers of drones. All these are facts that make Ukraine dependent on them.

This dependency on Chinese drones puts Ukraine in a vulnerable position. Ukraine needs to find a way to source drones from other countries or develop its own drone technology.

China and its role

There is a significant role for China in this story.

They are aware that their drones have a huge impact, and have decided to take certain steps. Restrictions on the delivery of drones to Ukraine speak volumes about the direction China's policy is heading. It is important to emphasize that the Russians bought drones worth 15 million dollars this year alone.

On the other hand, by the middle of the month of this year, Ukraine bought drones worth 200 thousand dollars. It will be interesting to see how this will affect the current course of the war in the coming months. As a result, Ukraine will have to look for alternative options and be able to supply itself.

This could include buying more drones from other countries or developing its own drone technology. Ukraine could also seek help from international allies who could provide assistance in the form of military aid.