Israel Strikes Syria's Key Airports


Israel Strikes Syria's Key Airports
© Getty Images News/Lior Mizrahi

In a series of strategic moves, Israeli strikes last Sunday severely damaged Syria's two primary airports, rendering them temporarily unusable. As the turmoil between Israel and Hamas intensifies, this latest action has exacerbated an already fraught situation in the region.

Targeting Vital Infrastructure

Syria's two main airports, located in the capital city of Damascus and the northern city of Aleppo, were brought to a standstill following the strikes. According to a military source, quoted by state-run news agency SANA, the Israeli strikes caused considerable "material damage to the airports' runways," rendering them inoperative.

It's not the first time that Israeli strikes have led to the suspension of air services at these government-controlled airports. However, it's noteworthy that simultaneous strikes on both facilities had only occurred once before this month, underscoring the escalation of the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

A detailed report from the military source stated that the attack took place "at around 5:25 am (0225 GMT)". Tragically, the air raids resulted in the death of a civilian worker at Damascus airport, with another injured. These human casualties underscore the real-world consequences of such conflicts, beyond just infrastructural damage.

Re-routing and Past Incidents

As a result of the damages, the Syrian transport ministry had to re-route flights to Latakia airport. This rerouting adds another layer of complexity for travelers and logistics, already hampered by the ongoing regional tensions.

The military account further clarified that these "simultaneous" strikes were initiated "from the direction of the Mediterranean west of Latakia and from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan." A parallel incident had previously taken place on October 12, when both Damascus and Aleppo airports were similarly incapacitated due to simultaneous strikes.

Further adding to the tension, just last weekend, a separate Israeli strike targeted the Aleppo airport. This assault resulted in injuries to five individuals, as reported by a war monitor. Subsequent to that strike, the airport was also deemed inoperable by the authorities.

A Region on Edge

As the Middle East grapples with multifaceted challenges, the latest strikes indicate a sharpening of hostilities. While the geopolitical implications of these actions are vast, the immediate disruption to Syria's critical transport infrastructure and the tragic loss of life spotlight the pressing need for peaceful resolutions in the region.